CAAM CDT is pleased to offer highly regarded, interactive workshops and residencies for students, artists, business organizations, and more. Depending on your needs, workshops could be as short as 20 minutes or as long as a day. We offer one-day only and on-going programming. For example, CAAM CDT might help you create a cultural experience of food, art, and dance for a corporate training or entertainment event. CAAM CDT can also help you choreograph, manage rehearsals, or design a performance with your own dancers or our dancers for a special event or program. In the past we have created interactive dance instruction for grades K-6 as part of physical education classes, provided hourly ribbon, dance, and handkerchief workshops to help Girl Scouts earn their dance badges, and created in-person and video graphed dance instruction for outstate residents. Tell us your objectives, and we will create the perfect program or event for you!

We are so excited to have this opportunity to work with CAAM CDT and watch our students grow in their understanding of Chinese arts, dance and culture . . . [This new project] enhanced cultural understanding among our students and families . . .[Workshops like these are so] important to [the] development of well-rounded students and success of the community.
–Lela Olson, Principal, Crookston school

CDT performed in our community to standing ovations and positive comments! We are delighted to collaborate with these community partners . . . to expose children and adults to Chinese dance art forms!
–Rae French, University of Minnesota International Program Director