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Sword Dance- Caamcdt

Sword Dance Class

The Chinese Sword Dance, known as “Jian Wu” (剑舞), is a traditional performance art that combines martial arts techniques with dance movements. This dance form dates back thousands of years and is deeply rooted in Chinese history and culture.

Palm Fan Dance Class

Known as “Shan Wu” (扇舞), the Chinese Palm Fan Dance, is a traditional Chinese dance that incorporates the use of fans as a central element of the performance. This dance form is characterized by graceful and rhythmic movements, with the fans enhancing the visual appeal and cultural significance of the dance.

Ribbon Dance Class

Known as “Cai Dai Wu” (彩带舞), the Chinese Ribbon Dance continues to be a captivating and beautiful art form, showcasing the elegance and cultural richness of Chinese dance traditions through its flowing movements and vibrant ribbons.

Award-winning CAAM Chinese Arts and Dance Summer Camp 2024

Dates: July 29 through August 2, 2024
Monday through Friday (5 days)
Time: 9am to 5pm.
Incarnation Catholic Church
4880 Hodgson Rd, St Paul, MN 55126

CAAM Chinese Dance Theater’s summer camps feature Chinese culture, language, and arts with campers. In addition to exploring Chinese dance, campers are introduced to various aspects of Chinese art and culture.

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CAAM Chinese Dance Theater

Talented Dance Artists

Jinyu Zhou 周金瑜

Jinyu Zhou 周金瑜

Artistic Director, Instructor and Choreographer
After an extensive and thoughtful search for new artistic talent, CAAM Chinese Dance Theater is pleased to announce the addition of Jinyu Zhou, internationally distinguished artist and choreographer to its artistic staff.

Lili Teng 滕莉莉

Lili Teng 滕莉莉

In a career spanning more than 40 years and crossing two continents, Lili Teng has distinguished herself in dancing, teaching and choreography.

Ao (Aloe) Liu 刘傲

Ao (Aloe) Liu 刘傲

Dance Artist, Choreographer, Dance Instructor. Ao Liu graduated from Denmark International Youth leader Education graduate program and holds a Bachelor of Dance Performance degree from Yunnan Arts University and a Master of Education from Renmin University in China.