School Show

CAAM-CDT has a long tradition of holding a school show; a performance during the school day specifically for area schools to attend as a cultural enrichment field trip. When this is held has changed a bit in recent years, with May, Asian and Pacific Islander heritage month, being an ideal time to share Chinese culture through dance.

In 2023, we had amazing audiences for all five shows, heard student reactions such as:

“That was the coolest show I’ve ever seen!”
“That was beautiful!”

We are proud to present our 2024 Asian Heritage Month school program, “Spring Harmony: A Cultural Mosaic of Dance”.  For millennia, fifty-six ethnic groups have thrived in China’s vast lands. Their unique cultures are displayed through captivating dances, melodic music, and vibrant costumes. This show will share various ethnic groups’ spring celebrations. The interactive activities at the end are sure to be the students’ favorite highlights.

Immerse your students in this lively 60-minute program at the historic Landmark Center in Downtown St. Paul. Choose from two dates: Wednesday, May 22, or Thursday, May 23, with shows at 9:15 AM or 10:45 AM. Do not miss this unforgettable opportunity to experience firsthand the beauty and diversity of Chinese culture.

Tickets are $7/person, but funding is available for your school to attend free of charge for those without the resources. Register your group and let us know how to meet your needs.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in May!