CAAM CDT gratefully acknowledges the generous support from state, community, business, and individual grantors and contributors. These contributions support kids’ summer camp scholarships and classes and attendance at our Annual Chinese New Year Production. There is nothing more heartwarming than hearing thousands of children cheering and enjoying a New Year’s performance!  In addition, donors’ generous support allows us to keep tuition for all our students as low as possible and our New Year’s productions’ ticket prices stable (they have not been raised since 1992). Your generous contributions also allow us to offer numerous free or low-cost performances throughout the year, designed to reach all Minnesotans.

2017-2018 Grantors

  • Chinese American Association of Minnesota (CAAM): CAAM CDT operates under the umbrella of the Chinese American Association of Minnesota, the oldest and largest Chinese American organization in Minnesota. We thank them for their unwavering support.
  • Confucius Institute, University of Minnesota: We thank the University of Minnesota Confucius Institute for their co-sponsorship of our summer camp program.
  • Metropolitan Arts Regional Council: This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.  We thank them for their Arts Learning Grant, which will offer full-ride summer camp scholarships to up to 20 students this year and provide dance tuition into the Fall for interested learners.
  • Minnesota State Arts Board: This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.
  • Stanley and Marvel Chong Memorial Foundation: We thank the Stanley and Marvel Chong Memorial Foundation for the generous support of individual dancers through their merit and financial need programs.

2017-2018 Matching Contributions from Businesses and Corporations

Allina Hospital and Clinics
Associated Anesthesiologists

2017-2018 Individual Donors

Anonymous (multiple), D. Bielke, S. Blair, M. Bodsgard, D. Cavanaugh, Y. Chan, S. Chang, N. Clausen,  N. Derechin, K. Dixon, L. and S. Dolny, B. Eggert, K. Fini, M. Hanno, G. Hao, S. Hassel, J. He, Z. Kirris, K. Krueger, J. Kubly, B. Lam, P. Lauritsen, J. Li, Y. Li, H. Liu, W. Liu, C. Londgren, M. Longbella, M. Lopez del Puerto, M. Lundy, M. Markun, M. Mason, M. McGuire, M. McHie, C. Mei Ledford, M. Miska, S. Murdoch, R. Murdoch, M. and D. Nelson, J. Newton, A. Nguyen, D. Paradise, F. Pomeroy, R. Qi, B. Rasmussen, B. Rothweiler, S. Saltzman, M. Schmoeckel, L. Schuette, K. and J. Terry, D. Tian, Y. Tu, A. Valaas-Turner, S. Wang, J. Ward, H. Wei, W. Wei, H. Wilcox, S. Wilhelmy, Y. Wusands, H. Yang, A. Ye, H. Yu, J. Zhange, Your Cause LLC Trustee.

2017-2018 In-Kind Donors

Anonymous (multiple), D. Bielke, A. Chan, T. Chen, H. Chen, Y. Han, S. Hassel, H. Liang, W. Liu, Y. Manolov, H. Wei.