CAAM Chinese Dance Theater is proud and excited to offer four self-produced shows annually. Varied by theme and content, each is a delight for audiences, old and young, with original artistry and magical staging.

CAAAM Chinese Dance Theater - Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year
While it’s cold outside, we invite you to come in and warm your heart as we partner with the O’Shaughnessy Auditorium and their amazing professional team of theater and production staff. In a celebratory display of dance and stories for all ages, we honor the season with vibrant energy.

Our Lunar New Year production show is held in late January or early February each year, to coincide with the Chinese holiday.

CAAM Chinese Dance Theater
AAPI School Shows

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month School Show
We feature a one hour dance drama grounded in a legend or story from China’s deep cultural heritage in the Weyerhaeuser Auditorium in St. Paul’s Landmark Center. This performance is designed to engaging our audiences who like shorter shows, both younger and older. We also provide educational materials to support learning. Our school partners love it!

This show is held in mid to late May, once schools have completed annual testing.

CAAM Chinese Dance Theater - Spring Show
Spring Show

Spring Show
Dancers of all ages share a sampling of many styles as they perform dances learned during spring semester. Held on the west side of the Twin Cities, usually in Eden Prairie’s Performing Arts Center, we can reach a wider geographic audience with our latest work. While less promoted and celebrated than our Lunar New Year production, the quality is equally high caliber.

Our spring show is held in early June.

CAAM Chinese Dance Theater Autumn Festival
Autumn Festival

Autumn Festival Show
Featuring our professional teachers and most talented dancers, our Autumn Festival show explores deep Chinese cultural themes. With original choreography, professional level skills and collaborations with other Twin Cities dance artists, this demonstration of artistry will touch your soul.

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