Transforming how kids view Chinese dance and culture

“The blue glowy ladies dance.” Photo courtesy Jijun He.

Last year, a generous community transformed how more than 400 children viewed Chinese culture and arts by allowing them to attend CAAM CDT’s award-winning school matinee. Cullen’s favorite dance was the one “with the blue glowy ladies,” and Abby wondered how the dancers made it all work. Selina wanted to be like us; Andrew and Loti simply wrote, “I love you.” Afterward, more than 100 children sent us drawings, notes, and thank-you cards.

We know that attending even a single school matinee can transform young people’s lives and lead them into a world of friendship, support, and activity. Last year, donations totaling $3,000 allowed us to bring more than 400 low-income children to the school matinee.
Kids attend CAAM CDT’s school matinee because, together, we support them. Very simply, your gift in any amount allows more children to come to the school show. Currently, there are 415 students without bus fare to the 2019 School Matinee, Tears of the Dragon, Leaves of the Tea. For the price of 2 venti lattes, you can sponsor one child’s bus fare. Please visit our Facebook Fundraiser and make your donation today!

If you would prefer, you may also make your gift using the button below:

Donations are tax-deductible. To direct your gift to the kids’ school show, please type “School show kids’ donation” in the line where it says, “This donation is made in honor of:” as well as anyone you wish to honor. Donors at the $100 level and above will receive a free ticket to the Weekday Matinee.