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CAAM Chinese Dance Theater (CDT) is a non-profit performing arts and dance academy dedicated to preserving and celebrating Chinese cultural heritage. Founded in 1992, CDT is the oldest and largest Chinese dance company in the Midwest. The company’s mission is to “provide opportunities for people of all ages to experience the beauty and power of Chinese dance.”

CDT offers a variety of programs and events, including:

  • Annual Lunar New Year’s Production: This is CDT’s signature event, and it features a full-length performance of traditional and contemporary Chinese dance. The production is a sell-out every year, and it has been praised by critics for its beauty, artistry, and cultural significance.
  • Summer camp: This is a week-long camp for children ages 6-12 that teaches them the basics of Chinese dance. The camp is a great way for kids to learn about Chinese culture and to get involved in the arts.
  • Workshops and residencies: CDT offers workshops and residencies for dancers of all levels. These programs provide an opportunity to learn from CDT’s professional dancers and choreographers. The workshops and residencies are a great way to improve your dance skills and to learn about Chinese dance history and culture.
  • School outreach: CDT offers a variety of programs to schools in the Twin Cities area. These programs introduce students to Chinese dance and culture. The school outreach programs are a great way to get kids interested in Chinese dance and to help them learn about Chinese culture.
  • Spring Recital: This is a recital for CDT’s students. It showcases the students’ hard work and talent. The spring recital is a great way to see the next generation of Chinese dancers in action.
  • Community performances: CDT performs at a variety of community events throughout the year. These performances provide an opportunity for the community to experience Chinese dance. The community performances are a great way to learn about Chinese culture and to enjoy a night of beautiful dance.

CDT’s programs are open to all ages and abilities. The company is committed to making Chinese dance accessible to everyone.