United Way Instructions

Contribute through matching United Way program. CAAM CDT donations are made to our parent organization, Chinese American Association of Minnesota, and then passed to us. Below are instructions for the United Way program that will allow you to match contributions to CAAM CDT with your employer:


On the United Way Pledge Form:

  • Fill out whatever $$$ you want to donate
  • Check the box in the lower right corner before “Specific Care” or “Specific Care Organization”
  • Fill out the percentage (%)  of your pledge you want to give to CAAM (100% is OK!)  Tax-ID Is Important!
  • Fill out the following information about your “Specific Care Organization”:
    • Name: Chinese American Association of Minnesota
    • Tax-ID: 41-0944910
    • Street: P.O. Box 582584
    • City/State/Zip: Minneapolis, MN 55458-2584
  • Find “Specific Note for Non-Profit” and type in: “This donation goes to CAAM CDT.”
  • Optional: if you think of it, please also drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know you’ve donated.  This helps us coordinate with CAAM. Xie xie!