CAAM CDT Thanks You For Your Donation!

Your support makes our dancers jump for joy! Xie! Xie!

Even small donations make a big impact at CAAM CDT.  Consider:

  • $7 pays for one school-age child to attend our annual school show matinee.
  • $10 pays for one dancer’s shoes for 3-6 months or one hour of dance instruction.
  • $15 pays for one storage-unit shelf, which frees our dance space for dancing!
  • $60 pays for one day of meals and lodging for a student performing in Greater Minnesota.
  • $80 pays for one professionally made, authentic Chinese costume or one hour of rehearsal rental on a professional stage.
  • $125 pays for a full-week, summer camp scholarship for one student to learn Chinese language, arts, and dance (half-day).
  • $210 pays for an entire class of school-aged children to attend our annual school show matinee.

Your donation allows us to keep tuition costs stable and as low as possible, supports our programming for low-income children, and keeps ticket prices for our annual production low.

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