Ao (Aloe) Liu: Dance Artist, Choreographer, Dance Instructor

Ao (Aloe) Liu, Dance Artist, Choreographer, Dance Instructor from Yunnan Province, China

Ao Liu graduated from Denmark International Youth leader Education graduate program and holds a Bachelor of Dance Performance degree from Yunnan Arts University and a Master of Education from Renmin University in China. She performed professionally for 8 years in China’s famous dance company founded by Yang Liping, known as the “Peacock Queen” in China. Since then she continues to professionally perform, choreograph, and instruct dancers of all levels. She has founded her own dance studio, developed multiple curriculums for children including “Awakening the Artist Within Me” and “Physical Play”, and taught at university level for Yunnan Arts Institute. Dancing since age 4, Liu has performed in more than a thousand shows and was the principal dancer in several well-known dance drama productions such as “Dynamic Yunnan”, “A Shangri-La Spectacular”, ” Beautiful South “, as well as modern dance dramas “Bed” and “Lost”. In addition, she has performed at large-scaled national events such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo. She has choreographed and directed many contemporary dance dramas, including ” Lost in Dream “, “Hidden Emotion “, ” It will pass ” and “You”. Between 2018 and 2021, she was invited as a guest artist to various international art festivals including “Over the Cloud International Live Art Festival”, “MIPAF Macau International Live Art Festival” and “Up On International Live Art Festival”. Recently, she held a Liu Ao Personal Comtemporary Art Exhibition “Feed” at the Kunming Kong Space Art Museum.

Walker Art Celebration 2022

刘傲 云南省青年舞蹈家, 舞蹈编导, 行为艺术家

毕业于丹麦International Youth leader Education , 云南艺术学院舞蹈表演学士, 中国人民大学教育学硕士。美育课程《唤醒心中的艺术小孩》课程编创者,美育课程《肢体游戏》课程编创者,天使宝贝美育舞蹈机构创始人。



 主演舞剧《云南映象》 、《香格里拉记忆》、《水舞源》、现代舞剧《戏床》 、 《Lost》等。参与北京奥运会开闭幕式及上海世博会等大型国家级演出; 参加两届桃李杯舞蹈比赛和荷花奖等国家级比赛。擅长于创作舞蹈艺术作品,并导演现代舞剧作品《梦里花落》,《你藏了什么》,《温度记》,和 《你 你》。当代艺术作品方面:

2018-2021 “在云上”国际现场艺术节 特邀艺术家

2021 MIPAF 澳门国际现场艺术节 特邀艺术家

2021 up on国际现场艺术节 特邀艺术家

2021 刘傲 个人当代艺术作品展览 《喂》昆明空空间美术馆